Resident Services Support Network

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Resident services staff are among the most valuable staff members in ensuring a successful affordable housing community and supporting the success of individual residents.

The mission of the Resident Services Support Network is to provide Affordable Housing Resident Services professionals with meaningful and practical support through educational forums, networking opportunities, and peer learning in order to see residents flourish.

Introducing the RSSN Resource Portal

RSSN workshop presentations, program ideas, resource guides, and more are now all in one place, right at the click of your mouse. This resource is open to RSSN members only. Contact Laura Nunn at SDHF for more information (619-239-6693).

2019 RSSN Advisory board:

Diana Bustos, Pacific Southwest Community Development Corporation
Diana Aguiar, Hope Through Housing
Juan Arroyo, Pacific Southwest Community Development Corporation
Helen Bariamichael, Global Fellowship Collective
Tracy Canepa, Embrace/FFAH
Tracey Davis, Wakeland Housing and Development Corporation
Leticia Leal, City Heights Community Development Corporation
Rafael Monroy, STEP Center Resident Services, MAAC Project
Shannon Roark, Wakeland Housing and Development Corporation
Brian Woods, Hope Through Housing


2019 Resident Services Training Series

The Resident Services Support Network (RSSN) is pleased to introduce the 2019 Resident Service Institute and Certification Program, a combination of monthly workshops and intensive Institute learning.

The 2019 RSSN Training Series is designed to provide specialized and fundamental training for professionals in the field of Resident Services within Affordable Housing. Each month leading up to the Resident Services Institute, the RSSN will offer one workshop on a specific topic relevant to our unique service industry. Registration for workshops is free and will be held monthly with further description of the topics listed below.

Participate at the level that meets your needs. Attend a single workshop or work towards Certification. Certification is available to those who attend five of the eight workshops and the Resident Services Institute with a small processing fee when registering for the Resident Services Institute.

Schedule is subject to change. For up to date information, sponsorship availability, and ways to join, email Sarah Buchanan, Director of Events and Membership or call (619) 239‐6693.