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Much of San Diego Housing Federation’s work is accomplished through committees and work groups which are open to all members. These groups of volunteers and their staff liaisons provide analysis, ideas, and recommendations that are forwarded to the Board of Directors. Frequently, they are tasked with implementing recommendations as well. All Members and staff of member organizations are encouraged to participate in San Diego Housing Federation Committees.


The Policy Committee assists in developing and implementing San Diego Housing Federation’s local, state, and federal policy positions.  The Committee also monitors affordable housing programs, local land-use policies, and state and local legislation.

The Committee meets monthly on the second Wednesday of the month from 9 am to 10:30 am. The Board relies on this Committee to vet and recommend policy positions which are forwarded to the Board of Directors for final approval.

On December 21, 2016, the Board of Directors of the San Diego Housing Federation adopted a charter for the SDHF Policy Committee. The purpose of the charter is to establish a formal structure for the committee and a consistent voting membership. Please contact Laura Nunn with any questions.

2019 Co-Chairs

Lori Pfieler, Habitat for Humanity
Josh Land, Red Capital Group


Diep Do, California Housing Partnership
Lisa Goulet, FPI Management
Leticia Leal, City Heights CDC
Tara Mathews, RSG, Inc.
Maritza Nash, MAAC
Maya Rosas, Circulate San Diego
John Seymour, National Community Renaissance
Jenny van der Heyde, San Diego Housing Commission


Laura Nunn, Director of Policy & Programs

Marketing & Outreach

The Marketing and Outreach Committee works closely with staff to develop and implement a marketing/communications plan that identifies the primary audiences for the organization, how best to reach them, and what they most care about. The committee monitors the presentation of the organization’s brand, and ensures that the products, services, events, and programs of the organization remain relevant to the audience.

The Committee meets bi-monthly on the second Tuesday of the month from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm.

The committee also creates and implements recruitment and retention programs to increase and maintain membership with social and education programs and events and community engagement.

Events and Programs such as:

  • Member mixers

  • Roundtable events

  • Keystone events





2019 Chair

Todd Richardson, MFRG-ICON Construction


Elaine Camuso, Wakeland Housing and Development
Lisa DeMarco, DeMarco Design
Genevieve Fong, Cook + Schmid
Martha Juarez, Grid Alternatives
Deborah Newell, Sempra Energy
Kevin Nivinskus, GLO Architecture
Bree Wong, Meraki Pacific
Brian Woods, Hope through Housing Foundation


Sarah Buchanan, Director of Events and Membership

Ruby Awards

The Awards Committee is responsible for planning the Annual Ruby Awards and guides the nomination process. The Committee participates in selecting the theme and other event logistics. It meets approximately once a month from February through May to plan the June event.

2019 ChairS

Matt Jumper, San Diego Interfaith Housing Foundation
Brian Woods, Hope through Housing Foundation


Charles Davis, Urban West Development
Lisa DeMarco, DeMarco Design
Katelyn Silverwood , Affirmed Housing


Sarah Buchanan, Director of Events and Membership


The Conference Committee participates in planning the Annual Conference including workshop selection and general session speaker(s). It meets several times between May and September to plan the annual October event.


2019 Co-Chairs

Nick Hamilton, RED Capital
Kwofi Reed, LISC San Diego


Elaine Camuso, Wakeland Housing and Development
Jessica Cometa, WNC
Nicki Cometa, Affirmed
Adam Gutteridge, Chelsea Investment Corporation
Matt Grosz, RedStone Equity
Eri Kameyama, LIIF
Amber Mauer, Miller Hull
Shannon Roark, Wakeland Housing and Development
Simonne Ruff, CSH


Sarah Buchanan, Director of Events and Membership


Interested in Joining a Committee?

To sign up for a committee or if you have questions regarding other volunteer opportunities, please contact Sarah Buchanan, Director of Events and Membership.