Priorities and Agenda


Guiding our Work

The Framework

Each year, the San Diego Housing Federation’s Policy Committee works to identify and outline policy priorities as a framework for an advocacy agenda. These priorities are presented to the San Diego Housing Federation’s Board of Directors for discussion and adoption, and thereafter guide the organization’s work.


  • Advance efforts for a local affordable housing revenue measure on the November 2020 and facilitate the passage of such a measure
  • Participate in the implementation and rule-making for and ensure the San Diego region receives its fair share of state funding programs, including: Veterans and Affordable Housing Bond of 2018, the Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities (AHSC) program; the No Place Like Home (NPLH) program; the Tax Credit Allocation Committee (TCAC) regulations; new funds available from the passage of SB 2; and other statewide housing programs.
  • Support efforts at the federal level to protect critical affordable housing programs, including the Low Income Housing Tax Credit, Tenant and Project-Based Vouchers, the HOME Program, and CDBG funding
  • Protect local housing funds (Housing Trust Fund, Inclusionary Trust Fund, HOME) to be used for the intended purposes of construction and preservation of affordable homes throughout the region
  • Track and monitor the status of at-risk affordable housing and advocate for the preservation of those units as covenant-protected affordable homes


  • Continue to work on and support changes to improve local density bonus programs and programs that include and incentivize affordable homes as a part of new development.
  • Advocate for enforceable inclusionary housing policies that produce affordable homes as a part of new residential development
  • Advocate for affordable housing as a key component of transit-oriented development (TOD) policies, local Climate Action Plans and transit agency policies, to include affordable housing requirements and make the San Diego region competitive for cap-and-trade funds.
  • Advocate for policies that dedicate publicly-owned land for purposes of affordable housing
  • Participate in process to determine local Regional Housing Needs Allocations (RHNA) and ensure new state laws to strengthen and enforce Housing Element Law are included in Housing Element Updates.


  • Identify opportunities that could help to lower the cost to develop affordable homes through reforms that shorten entitlement processing times, reduce or defer fees, reduce parking requirements, create more certainty, and reduce unnecessary or duplicative regulatory barriers.
  • Seek opportunities to reduce the cost of land associated with developing affordable housing. This could include programs to promote land donations, utilization of land banking, public land set-asides, land trusts and programs for lease or below market sale of public lands.


  • Support efforts to prevent displacement and advance fair housing, including protecting against source of income discrimination and displacement by eviction.

+ Reducing and Preventing Homelessness

  • Support proven strategies to reduce and prevent homelessness, including prioritizing construction of permanent supportive housing and related services
  • Advocate for accurate data collection to better understand the homelessness crisis

Statewide Impact

The San Diego Housing Federation supports statewide legislation that advances our mission and policy priorities. For 2019, we have supported the following bills that are now headed to Governor Newsom’s desk for consideration of his signature:

  • AB 1486 - Clarifies and strengthens California’s Surplus Land Act to prioritize affordable housing when local agencies dispose of surplus land. This bill adds clarity regarding which local agencies much comply with the Surplus Land Act, better defines “surplus,” requires reporting on available surplus sites, and provides HCD with authority to enforce the Surplus Land Act. Read our blog post about AB 1486 here. SDHF’s letter requesting signature is available here. Download a sample letter of support to Governor Newsom here.

  • AB 1763 - Provides an enhanced density bonus for affordable housing developments as well as incentives for affordable housing near transit and supportive and special needs housing. SDHF’s letter requesting signature is available here. Download a sample letter of support to Governor Newsom here.

  • SB 329 - Includes Section 8 rental assistance as a protected class for source of income under the Fair Employment and Housing Act. SDHF’s letter requesting signature is available here. Download a sample letter of support to Governor Newsom here.

  • SB 5 - Provides an ongoing, sustainable, and accountable source of funding for cities and counties to build affordable homes. Would dedicate at least $1 billion annually to home production for low-income Californians. Download a sample letter of support to Governor Newsome here.

The Housing Federation encourages members and advocates to support these bills by submitting comments to the Governor. The online process is easy by visiting this link and following these steps:        

  • Scroll to “Email the Governor” and click on “Have Comment”

  • Complete your contact information, then go to “Please Choose Your Subject” and scroll to select bills:

    • AB01486\Surplus land

    • AB01763\Planning and zoning: density bonuses: affordable housing

    • SB00329\Discrimination: housing: source of income

    • SB00005\Affordable Housing and Community Development Investment Program

  • On the next page, click “Pro” then enter your comments on why you support this bill. You can use the content of the sample letters provided.

  • Click “Send Email”

That’s it! The deadline for the Governor to sign or veto bills is October 13, so please be sure to submit your comments as soon as possible.