Homeless-Experienced Advocacy & Leadership Network


Advocacy and Leadership by those Impacted by Homelessness

The San Diego Homeless-Experienced Advocacy and Leadership (HEAL) Network is developed as a means to bring the voices of citizens who have experienced homelessness themselves— who have been most impacted by this crisis— into critical local discourse in a meaningful and effective way, to elevate the discussion, emphasize the humanity of the affected individuals, and to move public policies toward strategies that are more focused on the individuals who are impacted by this crisis. The program was launched in April 2019 with two training series in North and Central parts of San Diego county to help participants gain knowledge and understanding of their role in influencing a broader discourse on homelessness and are then engaged in advocacy opportunities to shape public policy on this issue.

Program Overview

  • Two cohorts of 10 participants in North County and Central San Diego

  • Participate in six- week training, once a week for 2 hours, in the evening

  • Learn to share your story and experience with decision-makers and participate in at least 5 local advocacy opportunities

  • Join an important dialogue on how to address homelessness

  • Grow and expand your network in San Diego County

HEAL Flyer (1).png

You Role:

  • Care for your community

  • Be comfortable talking to people about homeless issues

  • Be willing to work with others

  • Be able to participate in a six-session, weekly training program

  • Be able to attend at least five advocacy opportunities following the training

  • Be comfortable encouraging people to become involved

Upcoming Event

Training Series in Central and North San Diego

May 2019

Contact if interested to learn more.