Homeless-Experienced Advocacy & Leadership Network


Advocacy and Leadership by those Impacted by Homelessness

The San Diego Homeless-Experienced Advocacy and Leadership (HEAL) Network is developed as a means to bring the voices of citizens who have experienced homelessness themselves— who have been most impacted by this crisis— into critical local discourse in a meaningful and effective way, to elevate the discussion, emphasize the humanity of the affected individuals, and to move public policies toward strategies that are more focused on the individuals who are impacted by this crisis. The program was launched in April 2019 with two training series in North and Central parts of San Diego county to help participants gain knowledge and understanding of their role in influencing a broader discourse on homelessness and are then engaged in advocacy opportunities to shape public policy on this issue.

Upcoming Event

Monthly HEAL Meetings

North County - 2nd Tuesday of each month

San Diego - 3rd Wednesday of each month

To continue organizing ourselves and keep the momentum built at our training, each HEAL cohort is continuing a monthly meeting. To learn more, contact


Past Event

HEAL Celebration

July 17, 2019

HEAL celebrated its accomplishment, and completion of 6-week training with dinner and reception.

Story telling Training

Wednesday, 24 July 2019

San Diego's Residents United Network (RUN) and Homeless-Experienced Advocacy and Leadership (HEAL) Network are convening to develop their story and their first-hand experience with housing instability to advocate for more affordable housing in San Diego. RUN leaders, HEAL advocates, and any resident leader interested in developing their story to welcome bring their voices to decision-making processes.

HEAL Advocacy & LEadership Training

May - June, 2019

6- week training to learn how to bring your story and experience with homelessness to affect public policy in addressing the issue. Analyze data on homelessness, learn about large scale causes and affects of homelessness in a region, become familiar with what elected officials and policy makers are doing to address the issue, develop your story, and organize a collective power with your cohort in tackling the issue locally and statewide.