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RUN San Diego is part of RUN statewide that organizes residents, resident service providers, and developers to support strategies that bring more affordable homes locally and in the state of California.

January 2018 Recap
Close to 60 residents, community leaders, and members of various organizations joined the first San Diego RUN Regional Convening of 2018. We discussed local and regional issues, identified RUN priorities for 2018, and prepared for Lobby Day by practicing to tell our story.

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In 2013, SDHF and its partners – City Heights CDC, MAAC and Community HousingWorks – launched a campaign to educate, engage and mobilize resident leaders from affordable developments throughout the County. After completing six Resident Leader training workshops, the Resident Leaders then become advocates for housing and the other issues that most profoundly impacts the quality of life in their neighborhoods. The intent of this program is to educate and activate people throughout the county who, as residents of affordable housing, are often disengaged and dis-empowered.

We are working in sites in many of the region’s most undeserved communities, including City Heights, Southeast San Diego, Escondido and Poway to recruit and develop resident leaders through our intensive Resident Leader- Popular Education curriculum that does not stop at making people aware or informed, but facilitates their becoming engaged in key issues in order to influence policy. Graduates from the program work to engage their own networks on community issues and how as residents they can exert their voice and effect change that improves their lives.

Our past graduates have gone on to become a part of Housing California's Residents United Network (RUN). Each year, with the support of SDHF and partners, San Diego's Resident Leaders have been able to join other advocates and residents from throughout the state. The leaders who attended in the past were able to lobby to their elected representatives for important upcoming affordable housing measures. Many were then able to attend Housing California's annual conference to become more informed on key affordable housing issues.


Upcoming Events & Due Dates


March 7, 2018

Residents United Network members from across California will be attending 2018 Lobby Day in Sacramento to tell their story and encourage legislators around a number of policies related to issue of affordable housing. If you wish to attend, you still have a chance for on-site registration at Sacramento Convention Center on March 7th.


First Thursday of every month, 11:30 AM – 12:20 PM

Join us to find out about future advocacy leadership development opportunities and help build a stronger Resident United Network (RUN).

How to Participate:
Phone or video call in through Zoom.

2018 Ruby Awards

The 2018 Awards will be on Thursday, May 3rd. Registration opens on Monday, March 5.


Friday, April 6, 2018