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Current efforts

City of San Diego Homelessness and Affordable Housing Bond Measure

The San Diego Housing Federation, in collaboration with other stakeholders, has proposed a $900 million housing bond for the November 2020 ballot. This measure would:

  • Provide homes for approximately 2,500 homeless people currently living on San Diego's streets, waterways and parks

  • Provide homes for close to 2,500 veterans, seniors, youth transitioning from foster care, and people living with disabilities who are currently at risk of homelessness

  • Provide affordable homes to help at least 2,500 hard-working low-income families with children stay in their communities

  • Provide the matching funds needed to make San Diego eligible for its fair share of additional state and federal assistance for new construction of affordable housing

  • Create thousands of good-paying construction jobs and strengthen our local economy

  • Funds would be administered by the San Diego Housing Commission and would be subject to independent citizen oversight and annual audits to ensure funds are spent as promised.

Learn more about our proposal by downloading our Fact Sheet. The proposal is scheduled to be heard by the San Diego City Council Rules Committee on Wednesday, July 31, at 1 pm.

Monitoring legislation and regulatory proposals

One of the most critical roles the Federation plays is to monitor local, state and national legislation and regulatory proposals that impact affordable housing and community development. In this way, we advocate for the most favorable policies for affordable housing on behalf of our members. We achieve this by many means, including meeting with legislators, providing testimony at public hearings, and sending comments and letters regarding key programs and legislation.