Denise Brisco - Resident of Fairbanks Square

Attends service programs provided by Pacific Southwest Community Development Corporation.

Attends service programs provided by Pacific Southwest Community Development Corporation.

After residing in the Central San Joaquin Valley all her life and raising two children as a single parent, Denise Brisco made it her goal in 2002 to move to San Diego. Her daughter was living in Los Angeles and her son, who graduated from UCSD, decided that he would make San Diego his home once he completed law school. Denise had a government job and was preparing to apply for a position for the State of California to eventually transfer so she could be near her family.

Everything changed in 2005 when Denise began to have health complications. She experienced difficulties working which led her to be on temporary disability intermittently and in 2007, she was forced to accept disability retirement when she was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that was both incurable and progressing. Due to this change, her income drastically decreased by nearly half, and cause her to struggle to afford the added expense of high insurance premiums.

With significant health needs and a fixed income, Denise was determined to make the move in 2010, when her first grandchild was born. She found a nice place in Escondido for $724 per month, however, after the first year’s lease, the rent increased to nearly $1,000 per month. Denise then stumbled upon affordable housing after a property manager explained it to her and encouraged her to apply. Denise thought she would be ineligible, but when the manager told her that she qualified, she was so moved by the opportunity, she cried. Denise applied for a home at five different apartment complexes within a 15-mile radius to her son’s home. She was fortunate to get into a family complex within 6 months of applying and later moved in to a newer development complex for Seniors 55 and above.

Now as a resident of Fairbanks Square, Denise has been able to create memories with her family. Living so close to her grandchildren has allowed her to attend their school and after school activities. Her grandchildren’s love for her and her love for them gives her the strength to endure the complications from her health issues. Her affordable home has relived a huge amount of stress. In addition to being close enough to watch her grandchildren grow, Denise can rest assured that family is only five minutes away when she needs assistance.