Vivian Yagi: Resident at Ten Fifty B Street

Vivian is a resident of Ten Fifty B Street located in Downtown San Diego. Vivian has lived at Ten Fifty B for seven years and loves everything about her home. When she moved from her previous low-income housing she could not believe how nice it was. The apartments were nice, neat, clean and the building staff were so supportive. The location was central, the residents were friendly, and she and her husband felt safe.

Vivian and her husband loved taking in the sights around San Diego and going for long drives in their beloved car. They lived frugally spending cautiously so that they could do the things they enjoyed most. A few years after moving to Ten Fifty B, Vivian lost her husband due to health issues. This was a very trying time for her.

Vivian was at a loss and was afraid she was going to lose her apartment because she did not have an income. She had no idea how to collect her husband’s life insurance and she had no idea how to go about the burial service. This is when she reached out to the property’s Resident Services Coordinator, Denise. Vivian says, “Denise helped me with everything. She helped me negotiate a rent payment plan until I could find a job, she helped me find health insurance and helped me with matters at the DMV. She also helped me file for a visa so I could visit with my family at home.” Denise was there for Vivian to support her during this very difficult time.

When asked what Vivian likes best about living at Ten Fifty B she says, “I love the location, I love the management team, and I love Denise. Everyone is always so helpful. I have made friends here and I feel supported and safe. I am so happy I have been able to continue to live here as this is my home.”

Vivian on the right with Resident Services Coordinator Denise on the left.

Vivian on the right with Resident Services Coordinator Denise on the left.