Erika Tuhwe - Resident at the Paseo Comm 22 Apartments

Erika Tuhwe.jpg

Erika Tuhwe is a resident at the Paseo Comm 22 Apartments (BRIDGE Housing and MAAC). Paseo at COMM22 offers 130 units of affordable housing and is part of a transit-oriented, master-planned community in the Logan Heights neighborhood of San Diego.

When Erika became pregnant, she was living in a 200 sq.ft. studio, working a full-time job, and was struggling to afford rent. She applied to live at the Hacienda Townhomes in downtown and was able to find an affordable room after a short time. There, she had access to a computer center where she had the resources to obtain her associates degree in Psychology and plans on continuing her education. She had to wait 3 years to receive her current housing. Having an affordable home to Erica was stress relieving because she knew that her daughter would be safe in their new home and would have access to the programs that she wanted.  

Now, Erika is giving back to her community. She works full-time for Easter Seals as a Life Skills Coach and gives direct support to adults aged 24 to 46 with physical & mental disabilities, assisting them with daily activities to build their social and living capabilities. She teaches them basic skills so they can become more independent and travel on their own. Some of her other duties include providing physical support e.g., pushing a wheelchair, loading and unloading people from buses, personal care, and assisting with volunteer opportunities. She loves to empower people and raise awareness about self-healing methods.

Erika is very thankful to have received affordable housing because it has allowed her to not only empower herself, but also empower her daughter and those in need.