Margo Velez - STEP Program Participant, CORE Team member and Resident Popular Educator

April 2017 - Margo Velez.jpg

Margo Velez is an outstanding resident leader at MAAC’s President John Adams Manor where she serves as Core Team member, peer educator and strong advocate for her neighbors. Margo graduated RPE Training in 2015 and has been providing support to the STEP Center staff and Management at John Addams Manor. Mrs. Velez participation has enabled staff to provide both resident services and resident leadership development. Margo’s leadership role on the Residents Core Team has been public safety, transportation and affordable housing policy change.  Margo is working with several other resident and community leaders through the Urban Collaborative as an advocate for Trauma Informed Community Building.

Margo’s participation in The 2015 Annual Community Basketball Tournament made it possible for it to triple from the previous year as evident by the registered numbers of young players, parent spectators and food sponsors. Increased collaboration with community vendors and organizations was evident.  Her participation in The 2015 Health Fair helped make it a huge success. Over 400 participants, presenters and spectators enjoyed a day of fun, great health related information and performances.

Margo made a great impact on resident participation in the Healthy Happy Friday’s (HHF) Program that provided much needed income supplement of over 86,000 dollars during 2015 and 2016.  Her support for Healthy Happy Friday’s contributes greatly to the Physical Health and Nutrition throughout our 300 units.  Margo made a great impact on resident participation during the 2015 Holiday Season’s Winter Wonderland event where 200 turkeys were donated by Food Bank and Miami Dolphins, Lamar Taylor who once lived on site.

Margo has been nominated in the Outstanding Resident Leader category for the 2017 Housing Federation’s Ruby Awards for all her work and contributions to her community.

As a Resident Popular Educator she continues to advocate and mentor others as she was mentored by Joice Roberts another Bayview Heights resident who was the 2015 Ruby Awards Recipient. She and Mrs. Roberts are Resident Core Team Leaders mentoring the new generation of Resident Popular Educators and resident leader s at John Adams Bayview Heights Place.

Margo leadership role on the Residents Core Team helps residents have impact on voter registration, public safety, transportation and affordable housing policy change and Trauma Informed Community Building.  As one of only three Popular Educator/ residents she represented our residents at the San Diego Housing Federation’s Affordable Housing Conference where she participated in support of MAAC Resident Services and Advocacy Staff.